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President of Xiamen Stone Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Xu Rongqi : "unite the whole industry, using resources strategy"

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Transition, the key word of stone industry in China for the past a few year, has been discussing in Xiamen for many years. As the leader of the whole stone industry in China, Xiamen is using the resources to influence the market. Mr. Xu Rongqi, President of Xiamen Stone Chamber of Commerce, is sharing his insight of the advantage to unite the whole industry, using resources strategy, to compete with the Italian stone industry.

Change: From Singularity to Diversity

"80 years ago, the Xiamen stone industry is all about traditional artistic carving, the variety of products are very simple." Mr. Xu says, after 1978, the industry starts to boom and reach its peak; the products have huge impact domestically even internationally. "Let’s say you are at the stone fair. there used to be many similar products, what about now, diversity!" Says Mr Xu. "Many different companies now have high-end and unique stone products of their own, additionally, they control technology, patent, design and resources, which provide advantage in this industry and thus drive diversity to a new level."

The transition of Xiamen stone industry is moving forward under the influenced of world economy; the industry is facing integration and transition, which urge companies make adjustment of operational strategy. At the meantime, R&D is gaining more and more significance and to create your own unique feature becomes vital for a company to survive.

Strategy: integration leads to bigger market

We encounter several problems when transition kicks in, especially for private enterprises. Why? Money issues. What we can do is to count on government resources; however, the instability of the policies are greatly shake the foundation of this industry. Therefore, it comes to a conclusion, cooperation. For example, resource control, joint development and technology complementarity. More capital, faster development, says Mr. Xu, we are doing a good job here, great cooperation and communication, down to earth strategy, efficient resource control, just so you know, we need big market to sell our products.

Xiamen stone chamber is playing a crucial part for the integration of the whole industry. Without the Chamber, companies couldn’t have been developed so well.

Future: become the next Italy

2014 Xiamen Stone Fair is about the roll up its curtain and at this very moment, Mr. Xu tells us, our weakness compare to Italy, including our equipment, technology and design, has pulled us behind. In the future, we set our role model Italy and make progress in design and complexity of our products. Thanks to the geographical advantage, Xiamen has gained more resources and power to lead the whole stone industry. We are confident that in the near future, you will be happy to see we gradually control the market domestically, even internationally.

Reproduced in Chinese daily - enterprise channel – Seoul

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