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The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair on July.30th-August.2nd, 2022
The 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair on Mar.6th, 2018
From Mar. 6th to 9th , our company participated the 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair, locating in the left of the main entrance of centre C3 Hall, C3006.At this fair, our booth is still doub…
2017.05.31.Congratulations to us for "12th Five-Year Plan" innovating development awards in stone industry
Recently, China Stone Association announced the shortlist for the "12th Five-Year Plan" transformation and upgrading, innovating development awards in stone industry, a total of 95 stone uni…
President of Xiamen Stone Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Xu Rongqi : "unite the whole industry, using resources strategy"
Transition, the key word of stone industry in China for the past a few year, has been discussing in Xiamen for many years. As the leader of the whole stone industry in China, Xiamen is using the resou…
Mr. Xu Rongqi: China may take over the whole stone market instead of Italy in future
【Character cards】Mr.Xu Rongqi, Vice Chairman of Fujian Stone Association, President of Xiamen Stone Chamber and President of Xiamen Tongho Stone Co., Ltd【Motto】Be truthful, be creative and innov…
2016.03.06 The 16th China Xiamen Internetional Stone Fair 2016
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